Our company was founded in 2010. The company is located in Jiangmen city, a hometown>Have the love, dedication, proactive staff team.  the advanced ERP>

In the  of people-oriented, quality as the root purpose; insisted bit by bit, perseverance, self-improvement spirithold honesty, mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy. We are committed to creating customer satisfaction car audio and video products.

With an annual>“Daoan and LUQI brand products cover more than 30 provinces and cities>United States and Southeast Asia and>



ADD:No.8 Nuocikeng,Mulang Village,
Duruan Town, Pengjiang Area, Jiangmen
City, Guangdong P.R , China
TEL:+86 0750 388 5773(出口)
FAX:+86 0750 388 5550(銷售部)
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Zip Code:529000 No.8 Nuocikeng,Mulang Village,Duruan Town, Pengjiang Area, Jiangmen City, Guangdong P.R , China
TEL:0086 0750 388 5773(Export Line)/ 388 5771 (China Market) FAX:0086 0750 3885550 (Sales Group)
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